2012 Eonian Napa Valley Red Blend

By wayne Donaldson
2012 Napa Valley Red Blend
EONIAN [ee-oh-nee-uhn] was founded by the husband and wife team of Australian-born winemaker Wayne Donaldson and California girl Sue Furdek. Both have long careers in the wine industry and continue to make wine and promote wine for other great wine brands and projects. But it was time to do something very personal. They chose EONIAN -- which means eternal or everlasting -- the label depicts the Triskele, an ancient Celtic symbol also called the "spiral of life" which represents continuous movement forward. We spoke to Wayne over a year ago and have wanted to work together ever since. Wayne has granted us an allotment of his 3rd vintage, the yet unreleased 2012 Napa Valley Red Blend. A blend of Syrah (82%) and Cabernet from three distinct vineyard sites, you will find this wine structured and serious… and ridiculously underpriced!

Alcohol by Volume: 14.10%
Ring white
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