2014 Gallery Collection, Hunt the Wumpus, Cabernet Sauvignon

Gallery Collection
By matt Smith
2014 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Rodger Roundy on Hunt the Wumpus: The title is stolen from an early hide-n-seek computer game that we learned to program in college. We were never really told exactly WHAT a Wumpus WAS back then, but this is my imagining of it. The elusive creature hid not in the rustic landscape, but in the lines of code that were barely decipherable for the C student that I was.  Whimsical and fun. The wine for risk takers and move makers. Pursue your dreams, yes, but be careful straying too far from the pack. This is a great way to think of the power and complexity of this wine. Complete and compelling, well made and structured … a worthy complement to an incredible work of art.

Alcohol by Volume: 14.50%
Ring white
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