2017 Sassoferrato by Matt Smith Cannonau Slide Hill Vineyard Edna Valley

By matt Smith
2017 Edna Valley Red Table Wine
Slide Hill Vineyard
Cannonau is a grape variety grown on the island of Sardinia. It is the most prominent red grape on the island, responsible for about 20% of the wine made there. Cannonau is grown throughout the Mediterranean. In Spain it is known as Garnacha. In France it is Grenache, the name for which it is best known. The world renowned wines of the southern Rhone such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Gigondas are made primarily from Grenache. The origins of the grape are not clear but recent historical research has given the Italian islanders a case for its start in Sardinia. "Garnacha" and "Cannonau" first appeared in writing in the 1500s. DNA profiling still gives the nod to Spain on the basis that the country has more Grenache mutations. Regardless, the grape is steeped in the history of Sardinia and elsewhere in Italy, and the Sassoferrato Cannonau is Matt’s Italian-inspired take on Grenache. This lot comes from the Tablas Creek clone A and is Biodynamically grown on the famous Slide Hill Vineyard in Edna Valley. The lot is hand-crafted to emphasize vibrant fruit and acidity. This fruit was destemmed and fermented in open-top bins using only punchdowns to emphasize the fruit character. Then, it was barrel aged for 11 months in neutral oak barrels so that the fruit remains lively and uncomplicated. This wine drinks like a classic European wine, with juicy red cherry, tart plum and cranberry fruit. The wine has moderate tannins, bright acidity and a sanguine character that lives up to the Sassoferrato name. This red wine pairs well with cheeses, grilled vegetables and roasted pork loin while also delicious on its own.

Alcohol by Volume: 13.50%
Ring white
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