Our Story

Founded in 2015 in Healdsburg, CA, by a small team of wine industry insiders who share a passion for the kind of artisan winemaking. too often lost in an increasingly corporate landscape.

Interest in wine has exploded over the last twenty years, with more than 175,000 labels sold in the United States. Unfortunately, consolidation among retailers and wholesalers has shut out many small and mid-size producers. This makes it harder than ever for wine lovers to reach beyond mainstream labels to find wines crafted in limited production by true artisan winemakers. And in a market increasingly dominated by large corporations, small wineries often find themselves gobbled up or squeezed out by the big players.

That’s where GrapeSeed comes in. We started out to with the aim of giving artisan winemakers the freedom to pursue their dream projects. These projects and offerings were created under the direction of Chief Winemaker, Matt Smith. Matt was tasked to create wines for GrapeSeed, too, when we launched his Sassoferrato brand. Matt’s selections increased even more when we opened the tasting room experience in Healdsburg inside the Paul Mahder gallery. The connection between art and wine is exceptionally strong, and Matt was inspired to create series of wine collections inspired by artists featured in the Gallery.

And as for us? We here at GrapeSeed love everything about what we do best—uniting people around a passion for great wine. We hope you’ll become a part of this innovative journey from vineyard to glass!

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