Episode #322 - Grapeseed: What if you had some of the world's greatest winemakers on your payroll?
If there’s one thing that is true about many or most great winemakers, it’s the fact that they generally always have more than one iron in the fire. In this edition of Grape Encounters Radio, wine marketing Guru Dave Trebilcock, co-founder of GrapeSeed Wine and Matt Smith, former head of Bordeaux Winemaking for Kendall Jackson, talk about the world-renowned winemakers they’ve assembled to create ultra-exclusive wines that you can’t beg, borrow or steal (but you can have the at your beg and call if you give a listen to this week’s show.
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Wine Company Gives New Meaning To 'Seed' Funding
Two-time Smith Terp Dave Trebilcock ’89, MBA ’96, knows a thing or two about wine. And he’s putting that knowledge to good use in his business venture, GrapeSeed, a company that uses a crowd-funding model to supply the exclusive wine it provides its customers.
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Each of Our Wines has a Story that Revolves Around a Vineyard or an Appellation and a Great Winemaker.
Robert Louis Stevenson once penned the words, “Wine is bottled poetry.” If that’s true, then the new startup winery, GrapeSeed, is on its way to becoming a literary success...
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What's Wine is Yours - Here's a New Wine Club with a Twist
GrapeSeed Wine Fund: a new service that’s kind of like a wine club meets Kickstarter, accepting members now
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Grapeseed Wine Fund Community Grows with Addition of Chief Winemaker and Creative new Project
Industry innovator GrapeSeed Wine Fund, a collective bringing together leading winemaking talent with wine consumers' desire for choice, access and exclusivity, today announced the appointment of Matt Smith as vice president of winemaking and operations.
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On the Wine Road
Listen in to our CEO, Dave Trebilcock and our VP of Winemaking, Matt Smith as they speak to Jeff Davis all about GrapeSeed - On the Wine Road
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