2015 Gallery Collection, Winter, Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir

Gallery Collection
By matt Smith
2015 Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir
Goodchild Vineyard
The first of many paintings the artist, Rodger Roundy, did about intriguing connections between women and horses. A whimsical concoction inspired the fashion of the singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer, Cossack headgear, and the cruelties inherent in being a decisive leader. The trio on the left speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil.  Rodger Roundy on Winter: Figure out the price of victory then pay it - Good leadership is based on decisive action - Raise a glass to the survivors, the giddy and the heavy-hearted.  The wine is the product of the Goodchild Vineyard, which is a source for a number of great wines from wineries such as Lucas & Lewellen, Steele and Sunstone. Located along the Foxen Wine Trail in Santa Maria Valley, the soils vary from clay and gravel river deposits to hillside and hilltop sites reminiscent of the great vineyards of Burgundy. This Pinot Noir is bright and packed with red berry and cherry fruit.  Delicious!

Alcohol by Volume: 14.30%
Ring white
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